Monday, June 18, 2012

Meet Ashley!

Meet our newest member of Team Brooks!  Ashley!!!  Here are some questions prepared by Juliana & Olivia (JO)

JO - What is your favorite color?
A - Depending on my mood, but mostly blue.

JO - What is your favorite food?
A - Chicken Nuggets

JO - What is your favorite movie?
A - Dirty Dancing

JO - What is your favorite tv show?
A - Dexter

JO - What do you like to do on the weekends?
A - Take naps
O - Ooooh.  Not me!

JO - When is your birthday?
A - January 14

JO - What secret talents do you possess?
A - I'm a good dancer

JO - What impersonations can you do?
A - I do a great impersonation of the German pigs on Shrek, also Ms. Swan and Stewart from Mad TV

JO - What is your favorite thing to play?
A - Mermaids in the pool

O - What garage do you have?
A - I don't have one

JO - What kind of doggies do you have?
A - a white Lab/Border Collie mix and a German Shepard Huskie mix

JO - What kind of cat do you have?
A - A giant one

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