Sunday, November 6, 2011

CDC Fun Run

This year Olivia started attending Children's Discovery Center in Irving.  It is Christian Montessori Pre-School and we LOVE it!  Each year they have a Fun Run to raise funds for all of the amazing things the school does, and let me tell you IT WAS FUN!  They actually train the kids (3-5 year olds) to run one mile (well, run/walk).  Olivia was really pumped and was sure she would actually win first place.  Well after you factor in the fact that Olivia is NOT a morning person and the race started at 8am, her odd went down dramatically.  So needless to say we did not bring home a trophy but on a bright now, she did finish the one mile race with out having a melt down!


  1. I love the pic, it was a fun race. Congratulations for a great job well done and you made it. Looking forward always for more updates.

  2. This is a good picture. CDC is an amazing school.