Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Program @ CDC

This was Olivia's first show at her new school.  Her and her bestie's got to be reindeer and it was so cute!  Here she is getting ready with Ms. Devore.
 Here are the 3 Amigos after the show
 Here is my little ham.
And the moment you've all been waiting for. . . . . the performance.  I apologize in advance because I broke my video camera and my little camera doesn't take great video.  It's kind of blurry but thank God my kid is a ham because you have no problem seeing her.  She is the last reindeer on the right.  It is 3 minutes long, but my goodness the girl knows how to work a crowd.  She does quite a finale and then entertains the crowd for awhile when someone forgot their lines temporarily.

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  1. A very cute program. Livi was a very cute reindeer. She did a great job.