Friday, November 11, 2011

We are thankful for. . . . .

Tis the season to share what you are grateful for.  Well, The Brooks' would like to share that we are sooooo grateful to have found Dr. Djukic.  Exactly one year ago today, we were on our way to the Big Apple to meet her for the first time and she has forever changed our life.  This woman has dedicated her life to our girls. She works tirelessly EVERYDAY to make life better for our girls.  She has walked us through changing seizures, changing local doctors, working with school and better educating her teachers and staff about Rett Syndrome and most of all, she has given Juliana a voice.  She helped us through the process of getting her an eye gaze computer and hosted a training with Linda Burkhart and now Juliana has a voice.  She has opinions and thoughts.  She's always had them, but Dr. Djukic has taught us how to communicate with our daughter.  If we don't say it enough, Dr. Djukic we are grateful for you and all the work you do for our girls!  You will always have a very special place in our hearts and you are always in our prayers!

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  1. She sounds like an amazing doctor. What great things she is doing to find a cure for the girls.