Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last Time With Peter Pan

This season at Spirit Horse has sadly come to an end.  Because temperatures can get pretty extreme, riding seasons only go through spring and fall.  We were so glad that The Germans got to go and see how awesome Juliana is at riding before the season ended.

 This is where we go to find the bridle.  They have each horse's equipment with the horse's picture so they are easily identifiable.
 And here of course is Peter Pan.
 First we brush him
 Get all his gear on.  Thank God for Olivia, she is such a huge help!
 And we are ready to go!
 You have to know how remarkable this therapy is.  We have been going for two years now.  When we started our first season, Juliana was unable to hold herself up at all.  We basically had to hold her up, supporting her full body weight while keeping up with the horse.  We are now at the point that we just walk beside her in just in case.  She is amazing!
 Here is Liv - leading us in.
 After riding, Juliana and I take a break, while Olivia . . . . . .
 Olivia gets her turn!  She is so cute.  When she is on that horse, it is all business!  No joking or playing around.
 We did manage to get this smile out of her!

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  1. I love these pictures. Looks like a good horse for the girls. What a wonderful place.