Monday, November 7, 2011

They're Here

Well, after so much anticipation, they finally arrived. . . . . . The Germans are here!  "The Germans" as we like to affectionately call them are Roger's aunt and uncle from Germany - hence the nickname "The Germans".  Uncle Alfons is Roger's mother's brother and they are so much alike.  And no, they do no speak English, and NO I do not speak German, so communication has been a bit challenging.  Roger is fluent in both, so while he is home there is no problem.  And when we are alone,  with the help of google translate and charades we have gotten along great!  (Alfons kicks butt at charades!)

 I had thought that Liv would go through a bit of shy phase until she got comfortable with them and the new language, but as soon as they walked in the door they became fast friends.  Here are Olivia and Alfons playing Pretty Pretty Princess.
And here are her and Monika playing too!  It was so funny to listen to them because Monika would talk in German and Liv in English and they completely understood each other.
The second night there we decided it was time to take them to some local football!
 Casey found a new best friend.  I wonder how much it costs to ship a dog to Germany. . . . .
I don't know if it's that they don't have squirrels in Germany or just not this many but they have been so entertained with the squirrel population in our backyard.  They call this the squirrel autobaun!
 Here is Liv showing off her beanie baby collection
 Then she decided that she would like to play Ans in the Pants.
 I guess it got a little boring because she decided it would be more fun to put the ants on her very long toes
 Wow!  Big Foot!
 Then Monika and Alfons decided it would be nice to go swimming in NOVEMBER!  They said it was perfect temperature.  I guess they wouldn't like it here in the summer.
 Here is Monika and Livi working out.  They are spoiling her!  She has never been allowed on the exercise machine until Tante Monika invited her. (side note, I LOVE the way Olivia pronounces her name.  She calls her "Tuntay Moonika")

Sweet Picture!
 And yes, in just 3 days, Uncle Alfons has mastered feeding Juliana and administering her meds!  Rock it out!

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  1. These are very, very sweet pictures. Looks like they are having a great visit.