Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Night at Babe's

So the night before the cruise, we decided we couldn't leave until we had Babe's one last time.  For those not from this area, Babe's is a gem of home style cooking.  They offer a very limited menu and all served family style and it is AMAZING!!!!  By far one of my favorite places. 

So, there are several traditions at Babe's.  One is that when it's your birthday, not only do they sing to you, but you must wear a chicken on your head while you are serenaded.  Well, we couldn't let this chance slip by, so naturally we told them it was Uncle Alfons' birthday.  Let's just say he didn't mind:)
Then another Babe's tradition is that while you are eating, The Hokey Pokey will randomly play at which time the servers, any kids and any brave adults get up and Hokey.  I think "Harvard" needs to learn her right from her left.

Here we are with all full bellies!
Don't we look happy?  So we get home and finish packing because we are about to leave on our big cruise adventure the next morning.  So we go and check on the kiddos before we go to bed (circa 12:30am) and walk into what can only be described as "Nightmare on Oak Meadow Drive".  My poor Juliana had exploded out of both ends.  And when I say "exploded" it is no exaggeration.  So here we are at half past midnight bathing the poor dear, washing sheets, changing sheets, disinfecting rooms and wondering what we are supposed to do.  I mean, does she have a bug, was a food poisoning (found out later it was not), will she be fine, will it get worse?  Bottom line, do we get on a ship in the morning or do we cancel?  So we did what any responsible parent would do.  We prayed for the best and got on the ship!  Stay tuned for the next chapter from the book I like to call "Two Ended Explosions!"

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  1. Glad Juliana got to feeling better. Babes is a great place.