Sunday, November 6, 2011

Meet Peter Pan

As many of you know, Juliana takes horse back riding therapy at Spirit Horse in Corinth, TX once a week.  She had been riding a miniature pony named Pocket. He was short and adorable but a killer on our backs.  Because as she rides along we walk on each side to provide her with some support when she needs it.  So after several seasons with an aching back, we were so excited that Juliana got promoted to a real pony!  To us of course he looks like a full grown horse, because a. what do we know about horses and b. compared to Pocket he is huge.  So his name is Peter Pan and is so sweet.  Here is Daddy and Juliana.
 And here is her awesome instructor Crystal. She rocks!

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  1. Great horse. She looks like she really likes her new horse. This is a wonderful place.