Friday, December 24, 2010

Cookie Time at the Pacheco's

Each year, the Pacheco's host an annual cookie making/decorating party at their house.  Here is Livi ready to report for cookie duty!
 She was just a little excited.  Probably because when we are there both girls are treated like royalty. As Roger would say, "They are as happy as a princess at a princess party!"
 Here is Juju with her pal Micki, in from college!
 They are the snoozing buddies!
 Here is Marisa & Joe
 Let the cookie making BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Look at that skill!
 Gabbi's had many years to perfect her art
 Juju is a true cookie artist and insists on only using her hands!
 And here is  a picture of Livi in a Dora mask. . . .
 then Julie in a Dora mask . . . .
 and Risa in a Dora mask . . . .
 And frilly Olivia with Micki's crown.

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  1. The cookies look really good. I love the Dora mask. Cute pictures.....