Saturday, December 4, 2010

Official Voting has begun!!!!!!

Welcome to the annual Brooks Family Gingerbread House Contest.  Here is how we play this game.  You view the following 3 houses and choose which one you think is the best.  When I say best, I mean overall best - creative, cute, festive etc. We will not reveal the creators of the houses until voting is complete.  When is that you may be asking . . . . . . . . Voting ends tonight at midnight!!!!!  How can you vote. . . . . . You can either vote by adding a comment or shoot it to me on facebook. 

House #1

 House #2

 House #3


  1. I vote on house number one. Gale,
    Joe votes on house number two

  2. Not sure if it is too late, but I vote #2!

  3. I know I'm too late to officially count ... they are all adorable. Tough choice , however I like the sidewalk on #2 and it seems the brightest !!!