Friday, December 24, 2010

Presenting the New Big Girl Bedroom!

So, as much as we don't want to admit it, our little baby girls are growing up.  We have been meaning to change up their room for some time.  Actually since October, when Juliana got her new bed and Olivia got her toddler bed.  We changed their bedding from cute little baby pink to Mickey Mouse and Kai Lan.  As you can imagine the bright colors were just not going well with the pink walls.  So it was on our list of things to do, when all of a sudden Teresa's fiance Larry bought the girls Fat Heads.  For those of you that don't know ( I had never heard of such a thing) they are basically these character wall stickers.  They come in all different characters and sport teams.  So it was really our push to get the painting done so we could put up these really cool stickers.  So, here is a before, from really really before.  It was actually from b.l.time (before Livi)  This was Juliana's original room.

Then here is a much more recent picture - quite a bit more cluttered, I know but there are two girls living here now.

 So here we are in phase one of the room do-over.  I love this new color!  Kind of Tiffany blue!

 Here is Olivia's wall with her favorite Kai-Lan.  Or as she likes to call her, Ni-Hao.  I've tried to explain to her one million times that Ni-hao means hello, but she insists on calling this girl Ni-hao.
 The Mickey Mouse wall
 Other angles

Kind of busy, I know, but both girls LOVE the room so much.  We showed it to Livi first and she just squealed and wanted to touch each one.  Then we showed Juliana and she was just as excited.  She carefully looked around her new room and paid special attention to each character.  Of course Mickey got the biggest smile and she even reached out to touch him.  Thanks Larry!

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  1. I love their new room. The color and the posters are beautiful. Sweet dreams for sure in this cute room.