Friday, December 24, 2010

The Zoo Crew

So you got to love Texas weather.  This past Monday it was 74 degrees outside, so we decided to hop on the train and take the kiddos to the zoo!  It was a first for my girls and we had a blast.  For those that haven't been to the Dallas Zoo in awhile, I have to say, they have really spruced it up.  Still not as good at Ft. Worth, but definitely a worthy zoo.
 The "Girlfriends" - Faith and Olivia
 Olivia and Faith looking at the penguins
 Juliana checking out the penguins.  She hates sun in her face (I mean who doesn't?) so anytime we are outside for any period of time she has to have her shades on - at which time she is no longer Juliana.  We prefer to call her Hollywood!
 Hollywood taking a closer look at the penguins.
 Livi on the elephant statue
 Olivia and her Bestie Faith
Hollywood with her Bestie Micki

 Micki on the elephant.  Truth be know, Micki and I were determined to climb on the big elephant, but needless to say we were not successful.  So Mick settled for the little guy.
The real elephants
I guess Juliana really likes the elephants
And Gale & Mick really like the loungers.

The Three Amigos
This was so cool.  You can actually pay to get some giraffe cookies and feed the giraffes.  They literally come right up to you and eat from your hand.  They are beautiful and gentle animal.  So up first is Livi.  Notice her checking out the cookie.
Total confidence. . . .
Ok, maybe not.  Let's try this again. . . .
Now I got it!
Who's tongue is longer, Livi's or the giraffe's
No Hollywood's turn.  She was a natural of course.

This jeep is in front of the cheetahs where they are training them to get in the back of the jeep for pictures!
This is obviously the lion's den.  This lioness kept staring at us and walking towards us.  Kind of creepy!
But a beautiful animal!

This was just outside the gorilla area. 

This is on the monorail

Snack time!

And Livi's favorite - The carousel.  For those of you that remember, we made a trip all the way to Disneyland and all Livi wanted to ride was the carousel.  Her love for this ride remains unchanged.  So while we are on the ride it is heaven, absolute bliss!

Then came the part when the ride ended.  The part we didn't catch on film is the part that she had The Carousel Melton of 2010.  She refused to get off the ride, Faith's mom had to peel her off the filthy ground and carry her off kicking and screaming.  Good times.  But a girl loves a carousel!
And here we are on the way back to Irving on the train.  Taking public transit to the zoo was an adventure.  The cleanliness was a bit questionable and there were some "characters" but hey, who can beat riding without traffic and not paying for parking.  I loved it!

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  1. This was a fun day. The weather was so nice. The train ride was exciting.