Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lenny the Lizard

So, I'm not really sure who Olivia takes after, but a few weeks ago Olivia was on the toilet for nightly business.  All of a sudden she comes running in with her pants around her ankles screaming "Mommy a yizar, a yizar!!!!"  I have no idea what a yizar is, so I get closer to see what all the commotion is.  It was a lizard!!!!  Assuming it was dead, because naturally a 2 year old would not be able to single handed capture a lizard with her pants around her ankles I tell her to throw it away because it's dead.  She says, "It don't be dead Mommy!"  So I tell her to put it on an newspaper so we can throw it out and low and behold - HE WAS ALIVE!!!   So she quickly took him back into the shelter of her little hand and I pulled up her pants.

Here is my brave girl with Lenny, the Lizard and the cup she decided would be his new home. 

For those that are wondering, we did google what they ate and after we decided it would be way too much trouble, Olivia came to the realization that Lenny had a mommy and a daddy and they were looking for him.  So she took Lenny out to the yard and set him free to find his very worried parents.

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  1. I LOVE Olivia!! that sweet girl is just too much!! Coincidently we have a "sammy the salamander" that James found in his aunts pool. Gotta love reptiles! :)