Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Claus has come to town!!!

At a recent Our Children's House Fundraiser, we bid on and WON a visit from you know who. The one and only, Santa Claus.  So naturally we rallied some of our friends and family to welcome old St. Nick.  Here we are anxiously awaiting his arrival!

Gabbi, Lindsay, Amy & Gale

Claudia, Angelina & Donnie

Gary, Josh, Omi & Opi

Olivia & Angelina

Amy & Gale

Linda & Barbara

Julie & Roger

Gary & Laura even came all the way from El Paso!  They actually drove in that morning!

Marisa & Joe

And then without any warning, guess who arrived.  And then in typical Livi fashion she handed Santa her baby and told him to feed her.

I think Juliana is still in a state of disbelief in this picture.

And the only person as excited to see Santa as Juliana & Olivia was Gary.  I hope he was a good boy this year!

Then Santa began to pass out gifts for everyone.

Juliana was so happy to see him - probably because she's been so good this year!

Then we all took turns taking pictures with Santa!
The Loucks'

This was supposed to be Tanner's shot, but Livi had to sneak in.


Barb & Ray

Linda & Efrain

Gale & Amy

Donnie and Claudia

Even Omp & Omi.  Notice how Opi didn't get to close to Santa.  Is that because you haven't been good this year either? 

Here is about half of the Benavides family minus my 3 brothers:(

Joe & Marisa

The Garcia Sisters (Linda, Jules & Barb)

Here is Livi looking a little uncomfortable.  Maybe she's thinking back to all those time-outs she received in 2010.  I told her he knew.

Here are the Brooks'

The Brooks Babes

Juliana - so happy!

The Monteleone's

The sisters and the sisters!

So this is when Livi had to face the fire.

Turns out Santa really had been watching just as mommy had told her over and over again.  Every time she was in time out at Mrs. West's house or every time she told mommy no.

Santa gave her some wise words of advice.  Hopefully she can pull it together these next few weeks and make a good girl come back!

Letting it all soak in.

Wondering is this talk over yet?

End it on a positive note!  Go Santa!

Then after everyone had a chance to take a picture or have a chat with Santa he offered to read us "The Night Before Christmas".  What a treat!

I guess Livi and I were slightly excited.

And then it was time to say goodbye.

"But I heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

Then after Santa left the party continued in the backyard with some roasted marshmallows!

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  1. This was so much fun. A good Santa and I am glad he found the Brooks' house. Some great pictures....