Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning!

This Christmas was the BOMB!  It was really the first Christmas that both girls were ready and waiting for Santa!  We baked and left out cookies and milk for the big guy and went to bed to wait for our surprises.  I was so worried that Olivia would sneak out of bed before we did, so I managed to peel myself out of bed and waited for her on the couch!

I think this face was worth it.
 Happy-Sleepy Face!
 Babies from Santa
 Whoa - some one could have combed my hair down!
 Livi's baby
 Juliana's baby
 Let's get the gifts open!
 Meow Piano from Omi & Opi
 Some homework for Livi
 Special crayons for homework
 Juju like her new shoes!
 Paper dolls!
 Cell phone!
 Mickey books!
 Team effort!
 Thanks Omi
 Go Team!
 Fancy Nancy!
Thank you Auntie Laura & Uncle Gary!  This is so cool!

 Soda machine for daddy!  Just what he always wanted!
 Mommy looks happy with her James Avery boxes!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Santa for a very generous Christmas.  But for me, the best gift of all was spending Christmas morning with two amazing toddlers.  Seeing Christmas through their eyes completely renews the magic you remember as a kid.  Thanks to my girls!

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  1. These are wonderful pictures. Great memories for Christmas--2010... The girls are really growing up...